STORY: Around Ausangate

2 of 31 : The Second View

Ausangate is my beloved mountain. I have been there six times, and I have walked the circumambulation four times. Camping in this area is not easy, very high, cold in the night, nothing of modern facilities. But the terrain is extraordinary and the views that I will show you in this series are magnificent. This is the view that you will see just a few hours walking after leaving Ocongate. From here it is still 4 to 5 hours walking to Upis where the first camping place lies, where also is a small mineral hotbath. When you walk around Ausangate with local shamans, as I have done, the trek is not about the mountain, but about the Apu, the mountain spirit that in a certain way ìs the mountain. The local shamans say that you need to be humble to be able to walk there. In the next days these shamans will perform with you ceremonies for the mountains, but also for your personal wishes, or problems.