Photographs as mirrors

Looking at a picture, what are you looking at? You could think that you are looking at reality, or something that tells you a story, shows an event, or tries to evoke an emotion.
But then, who tells the story, interprets the event, or gets the emotion, and more important what is reality? In all cases it is not about the photograph, but about you. Photographs are the mirrors of your own mind.

Of course, the photographer herein partakes, at least partly insofar as he tries to orient your mind to what he has felt himself. But, thinking that this is the end of the story is a mistake. You, watching a picture, albeit oriented by the maker of it, evoke the story, the interpretation, or the emotions in yourself. To be sure, the picture does not do this! So, looking at a picture that evokes a whole story, that leaves you sad or glad, shows you that you made a connection with it, which is evoked by your own state of mind. In this way photographs, like conflicts, are splendid learning devices to interrogate yourself whence the story, the interpretation, or the emotions came. In this way the motto “Photography For Change” is meant. This website publishes photographs that I made, up from 2005 when I started to study my own mind through a lot of subjects that are mentioned in my other websites. Of course, the pictures are also an expression of the state of my mind. After all we all live with and in pictures. A suggestion from my side is not to scroll rapidly through, but pick a photo that speaks to you, and then stay with it for some time. You may even make it your desktop page to study it. Try to find what story it tells for you, and why just this story.

A second, may be even more important reason to publish these photos is the insight that beautiful forms, be it in music or art, are healing for body, mind and soul. The photos are choosen by me in this respect. Healing does not happen by scrolling through them. After choosing one, try to study it frequently, make a download, of order a copy. I can advise you on this matter. When watching a photograph, you might remember this. So, you may look at these pictures from different perspectives.
You will find thematic albums with up to about 20 photographs relating to the title, often with some short information, about time and place, but some also with an aphorism, relating to the subject of the photograph.
There is a special series with the title: Poems & Pictures. This is an excerpt of the Dutch book TOT HIER, with poems about non-duality, with matching pictures. This book was made by me and my friend Jugyo. We are in the course of translating this book into English. For now only a few English poems are on display. In time the link to the English book will be published as well.

I hope that you will come back again to look at my pictures, and if you like it, to investigate your own stories, interpretations and emotions.

New pictures will be uploaded regularly.

But above all, have fun with it.

Jan Willem van Ee