Photographs as mirrors

Almost all pictures on my website can be bought as a print or as a file. But some are older pictures and have not enough pixels for enlargement. Some pictures cannot be sold due to rules of intellectual property.
If you have found a picture that you like very much, it is possible to purchase either the file in order to have it printed yourself, or have me made a print according to your wishes.
When you send me the details, the name of the Category it is in, and the unique Title, I can tell you if it can be printed and on what maximum size.

If you want the file, the conditions are as follows: You are allowed to print a maximum of 5 copies of the picture in whatever size you want. It is not allowed to redesign the file in postproduction or to delete the logo. You will get a Jpeg-file of the maximum resolution. After having the picture printed, I ask you to delete the file.
It is forbidden to sell the file or give it away as a gift to someone else, or to lend it to anyone. The max 5 printed copies are at your disposal. It is forbidden to reproduce the prints in whatever form or size.
You can decide for your own on what material and what size you want the picture printed.
By ordering, you agree to these conditions. A file will be between € 10 and € 50, depending on size and condition.

If you want the picture in a printed form, please send me the details of Category and Title, and your preference of the material and the size. I will send you an offer, and/or advice. You may sell the print, or give it away as a gift, or lend it out. It is forbidden to reproduce the print in whatever form or size.
With ordering you agree to these conditions.

The same applies on pictures that you find in the photo-books that are coupled in several of the Categories.

When you have any questions please send me an email, and I will try to answer in short time.

Jan Willem van Ee