Project Description


Title: Wheel of Buddhist Life at the Paro Zong

In the entrance portal of the Zong of Paro this mural is painted. This one can be found, with some variations, in the whole region of Tibetan Buddhism and beyond. It depictures the Wheel of Life, that is, the different stages living beings can experience during the countless lives in reincarnation they must live before gaining Bhuddahood. There are three good incarnations and three bad ones. The good ones are: The realms of the gods, the demi-gods and human. The three bad incarnations are, animal, hungry ghosts and hell. Of all these only in the human incarnation one can reach Nirvana. Also gods and demi-gods, however beautiful and long this incarnation may be, have to be reborn human before the possibility arises to reach Buddhahood. This is why the human incarnation is most precious.